Legendary bartender Tony Conigliaro and his team at the Drink Factory invite you to spend an afternoon exploring the world of drink and flavour. 

These fun, interactive sessions are the perfect opportunity to bond with colleagues and clients outside the office environment - all while enjoying some of the world’s most inventive drinks. 

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About The Drink Factory

The Drink Factory is a team of pioneering drinks creators led by world-renowned bartender Tony Conigliaro. Inspired by a range of influences - from chefs and scientists to alchemists and designers - Tony and his team have an insatiable drive to push the boundaries of flavour.

The Drink Factory’s award-winning London bars include...

Bar With No Name at 69 Colebrooke Row (Islington)

Bar Termini (Soho & Marylebone)

Untitled (Dalston)

"A Revolutionary" – Heston Blumenthal

Find out more...

“Visionaries 2017” – The Daily Telegraph 

“The Art Of Cocktail Making With Tony Conigliaro” – Luxury London

“Cocktail King Tony Conigliaro Expands His Empire” – FT How To Spend It Magazine 


Away Day Programme

(Approximately 4 hours total, including car transfers)

Not only do we want our guests to have a brilliant time exploring the world of flavour, we also want to give them a chance to experiment and get their creative juices flowing. We've therefore designed the programme to be as interactive as possible, with Q&A and conversation encouraged throughout the day.

1. Drink Factory Tour With Tony Conigliaro (c. 1 hour)

Tony guides guests through the pioneering techniques and processes used in the Drink Factory kitchen in east London.

Guests discover the science behind how flavour works, and how the Drink Factory team develops new recipes and concepts for its bars.

Throughout, guests are encouraged to sample an array of drinks and ingredients.

2. Cocktail Master Class With Tony Conigliaro (c. 1 hour)

Guests are driven to one of the Drink Factory bars and receive a complimentary drink on arrival.

Tony then demonstrates how to make an array of classic drinks and Drink Factory creations, explaining the histories and myths behind them. Guests have the opportunity to make the drinks themselves and taste the results.

3. Creative Challenge (c. 1 hour)

At the same bar, guests are divided into teams and challenged to come up with their own spin on a classic cocktail, putting into practice what they've learned about flavour and presentation. Tony will provide feedback throughout and judge the winner!

4. Take-aways

Guests are each given...
- A booklet of classic cocktail recipes taught in the master class.
- A copy of Tony’s award-winning book, Drinks (Ebury Press)

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-       These workshops are designed for between 10-25 people.

-       Please let us know at least 1 week in advance if any of your team has any dietary requirements.

-       We can include non-alcoholic drinks if required.



If you’d like to find out more - from logistics and pricing to how we can tailor the experience to your particular needs - please don’t hesitate to contact Leo at, or on 07833 727090.