The Drink Factory specialises in creating incredible flavours for brands, venues, and hospitality clients who want to serve something unforgettable.

Based at our research and development kitchen in East London, our team combines imaginative thinking with technological innovation to create new tastes for our clients that are playful yet perfectly judged.

Our experienced bar development team has worked overseas on a variety of projects and we are currently collaborating with Heston Blumenthal in Australia.

Liquid creation

Formulating the perfect flavours

We explore the alchemy of taste to invent imaginative new drinks. Classico Negroni is our take on the famed Italian cocktail, while our quest for the perfect bloody mary led to Woltz’s, our horseradish vodka. Clients can ask us to create something entirely new to take to market, or formulate a unique flavour for a special edition of an existing product. 

Global spirit brands also call on us to produce cocktails specifically designed to showcase how innovative or versatile their product can be. Yet we don’t restrict ourselves solely to drinks. We also use our extensive knowledge of taste and aroma to create everything from amaretto-infused brioche to delicately perfumed soaps.

Bar and drinks strategy

Creating the ideal experience

We use our expertise developed over years running renowned London bars to advise clients how to perfect their operation. Alongside individual drink creation, we focus on structuring menus that can consistently wow customers night after night, and train staff on all aspects of bar management and impeccable customer service. 

Our collaboration with Heston Blumenthal involved creating a regularly refreshed list of 12 cocktails to complement his concept of historic British gastronomy at Melbourne’s Dinner. We used our unrivalled industry knowledge to source the most talented bartenders, then schooled them to the exceptional standards required for a two Michelin-star restaurant.

Bar design

From inspired idea to flawless opening night

We can start with nothing more than a location with potential, then transform every detail of that empty space into an irresistible bar with a personality all its own. For those who dream of owning a venue and want us to turn that ambition into reality, we will design every inch, from bar layout, interiors and seating to the tiniest of subtle touches. 

Our own Bar Termini in Soho is a Drink Factory creation, and we collaborated with Zetter Townhouse to style their two cocktail lounges. For the Clerkenwell Townhouse, we channelled the eccentricity of dotty great aunt Wilhelmina, with drinks inspired by old recipes for tinctures, bitters and herbal remedies. And for the Marylebone venue, we took things in another direction, creating the imagined ancestral home of wicked Uncle Seymour. Two distinct personalities for a perfectly balanced brand.