We invent flavours

We create boldly imaginative tastes that delight the mouth and excite the mind in equal measure.

With just seconds to make an impact, every drink we design is a precisely balanced sensory experience that tells a story in a single sip.

Our inspiration comes not from the drinks of a bygone era, but from those who truly understand how to delight every sense. Yet while we're certainly taste-makers, we're never trendsetters. Because when you ignore fashion, reject gimmicks and always put flavour first, you push the boundaries of what's possible.

The team


Tony Conigliaro

Tony is acknowledged as one of the UK’s pioneering drinks creators.

Inspired by a broad spectrum of influences – from chefs and scientists to alchemists and designers – he has an insatiable drive to push the boundaries of drink creation. As founder of the Drink Factory, Tony regularly consults on both new and ongoing projects, while overseeing the research and development team.

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Simon Conigliaro

Simon is the Financial Director for the Drink Factory group.

After managing technical operational teams internationally for a number of blue chip companies, he now specialises in implementing systems for the hospitality industry collaborating with leading industry figures and launching a number of high-profile bars.

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Zoe Burgess

Zoe is an inquisitive food, drink and aroma specialist and leads the Research and Development team at the Drink Factory.

Studying sculpture at Chelsea College of Art sparked her fascination with creative concepts, and a background in chocolate played a major part in developing her passion for flavour. Zoe is currently studying Sensory Science at Nottingham University.